St. Patrick’s Day

Will you be wearing green this March 17th? We have just a few fun things we do each year to make St. Patrick’s Day a light-filled holiday.

Image by wagrati_photo from Pixabay

Holidays are a fun way to make life lighter… if they are celebrated in a way that brings you and your family light… and not a lot of stress! On March 17th, that may be pulling on a green shirt and calling it good! For me, I’ve got four simple things in the works this year to make our St. Patrick’s Day a light one. Continue reading “St. Patrick’s Day”

Household Cleaners

If you walk down the cleaning products aisle of any store, you will find a cleaner for everything! With multiple brands and multiple fragrances and multiple uses. It’s a recipe for cleaning product overwhelm! But there is a simple way to lighten up your cleaning products.

Cleaners (2)

Note: This post includes affiliate links for items that I use and love.

I want my house to be clean. Make no mistake about that. The funny thing about what our society has done with household cleaning products, is that it’s supposedly helped us “clean” our homes, but in many cases it has us “dirty” up our homes with chemicals and substances that aren’t very good for our bodies.   Continue reading “Household Cleaners”


The history. The people. The ruins. The culture. The FOOD! There is so much to see and do (and eat!) in the Eternal City of Rome. Here’s how we made it a light experience for our family.

Exploring the Roman Forum.

I love visiting other countries. I love meeting the people and hearing their language and seeing how they live. I love the different landscapes and architecture. I love learning about the history of a region. Because exploring is one of the ways I “play,” travel is lots of fun for me!  Continue reading “Rome”

Packing Light… With Kids!

It’s one thing for me to throw my own stuff in a suitcase and head out the door on an adventure. It’s a totally different thing when I’ve got the kids in tow! But a little planning can make traveling with little people just as light!

Travel with Kids

Note: This post includes affiliate links for items that I use and love. 

It’s no secret that I love to travel. There is something magical about seeing all the varieties of people and places that exist on this planet we inhabit. That’s why I’m not about to sit at home waiting for my little ones to be “old enough” to travel. Kids are portable! And there are things you can do to make traveling with kids a little lighter. Continue reading “Packing Light… With Kids!”

Keeping Dinnertime Light

It happens every night. We gather at the table and eat dinner. There may be days when it resembles an episode of Wild Planet, but other days, it’s a marvelous opportunity to connect with each other and spend time together.

Thanksgiving 16
The only dinner I’ve ever taken a picture of seems to be Thanksgiving!

Growing up, dinnertime was an important part of my family’s day. All seven of us tucked in around our trestle table which filled the entire dining area. Our conversations were everything from intellectually stimulating, to uproariously funny! I have fond feelings about those times with my family. And when I had a family of my own, I knew I wanted that kind of dinnertime. Continue reading “Keeping Dinnertime Light”

How I Make January Light

While we don’t get snow here in Northern California, much of my winter looks like this. Cold and dark. It takes a bit of effort, but I’ve got a few ways I make my January light.


Note: This post includes affiliate links for items that I use and love. 

January is just a month, right? A month like all the others? Except that in the northern hemisphere it’s cold. And dark. Both things that I am remarkably sensitive to.

Over the many Januarys of my life, I’ve come up with a few tactics for getting through this cold, dark month. Meaning, I don’t spend all 31 days under both of my down comforters eating nothing but dark chocolate. Which is what I feel like doing. Continue reading “How I Make January Light”

Winter Health

I realize that part of being on planet Earth is interacting with all of the other organisms. But there are some that sure slow you down when you come in contact with them! Here are a few ways to fight back.


Note: This post includes affiliate links for items that I use and love. 

For me, it usually starts with a tickle in my throat. And then the aching body. When I feel these symptoms, it’s time to step up my game and throw all the weapons in my arsenal against that army of viruses that are trying to beat me down. Sound familiar? Continue reading “Winter Health”

Using Christmas Time Well

In order to make December “the most wonderful time of the year” I need to do a little planning first. Being deliberate about what I choose to do with the time I have this month can help lighten up our Christmas time!


What is Christmas? I have to start there. If I remember why I am celebrating Christmas in the first place, it helps me make all of the other decisions for my time this holiday.  Continue reading “Using Christmas Time Well”

Streamline the Kitchen

Whether you spend hours in the kitchen or just a few minutes, taking a bit of time to streamline the space will maximize the time you spend there… and possibly make your time there a little lighter!

I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. And I don’t want to spend that time digging through clutter or searching for something that I know must be in there somewhere… I’ve got some systems in place that have helped me streamline all things meal-related and it’s made a huge difference!  Continue reading “Streamline the Kitchen”

Lighter With Gratitude

I know. It’s the topic on everyone’s blog and podcast right now! But there is good reason for that. Gratitude genuinely has a positive impact on our mental and physical well being. 

Sometimes when I hear something over and over again, I stop listening. Or I tell myself, I already know it so I don’t need to listen. But every time I hear about how gratitude can make me happier and healthier, I stop and listen. Continue reading “Lighter With Gratitude”