About Me

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Who am I and why am I making life lighter?

Good questions.

I’m a daughter of God, currently on Earth learning how to become the best version of myself and trying to assist Him in His work with all of His children.

I have taught theater, performed with a dance company, worked for two handfuls of non-profit organizations, raised two children who are now young adults, and am currently raising an energetic set of twin boys. I love to travel, read books, sing show tunes, organize closets, sit in the sunshine, and adventure outdoors with my husband.

But most of all, I am learning that I have more peace in my life when I am lighter in my self, space, and time.

It’s taken me a while to figure this out. Or at least to realize what I somehow inherently knew. And I’m still learning how to put what I feel and know into real-life practice! But it’s unquestionable that this lighter life is how I am finding greater peace.

And I have a desire to share what I have learned with others!

And so I created this blog to do just that.

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