St. Patrick’s Day

Will you be wearing green this March 17th? We have just a few fun things we do each year to make St. Patrick’s Day a light-filled holiday.

Image by wagrati_photo from Pixabay

Holidays are a fun way to make life lighter… if they are celebrated in a way that brings you and your family light… and not a lot of stress! On March 17th, that may be pulling on a green shirt and calling it good! For me, I’ve got four simple things in the works this year to make our St. Patrick’s Day a light one.

First of all, I’ll share with my kids who St. Patrick was and why we’re celebrating a day named after him! He is the person credited with sharing Christianity with Ireland in the 5th century. And while I realize that he probably didn’t do it perfectly (because none of us ever do, right?) at the end of the day, I’ll celebrate someone who shared the life and teachings of Jesus.

Second, we’ll all wear green! Whether it’s Ireland’s nickname “The Emerald Isle” (for good reason) or the shamrocks, somehow wearing green has come to represent celebrating all things Irish. If I go back about 6-7 generations on my dad’s side of the family, I find Irish ancestors, so I can claim at least a sliver of Irish ancestry! Bring on the green!

Sporting our green shirts in 2016 and mugging for the camera!

Third, we’ll celebrate with Irish music and dance. Anytime I can bring music into a celebration it’s extra fun for me! I love the unique sounds of Celtic music and there’s nothing so fun as hopping around the house with a bit of step dancing! I’ll be turning on my Pandora channel for Irish music and bringing up a few videos on YouTube of Riverdance and the Slide Step Irish Dancers.

The Slide Step Irish Dancers mix traditional and contemporary
music and dance for an awesome show!

Fourth, Irish food is on the menu for the day! And green food. Why not? I love having a bit of fun with the food on any given holiday and as long as I keep it simple, it makes things light. Breakfast sometimes includes green pancakes or green smoothies.

Image by Zsuzsanna Toth from Pixabay 

Lunch usually includes lots of green veggies (peas, broccoli, cucumber) and fruits (pears, kiwi, honeydew melon). Dinner some years has been a traditional Irish dish and other years I make all green food! One thing we’ve done for the past few years is make a rainbow fruit salad. The boys love it and I love that’s it’s healthy.

Rainbow fruit salad, plus our green dinner of pesto pasta and veggies!

Just a little prep and a lot of fun makes an ordinary day a light-filled holiday!

Do you do anything to make your St. Patrick’s Day light?

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