More Light

After two years of writing out my thoughts here on the blog… I’m excited to share that there is more light coming!


It’s been two years! Happy Blog Anniversary to me! And my 2-year mark just happens to coincide with a big burst of light that is now shining on the path of where I’m heading with all of this.

This blog has been a life-line (light-line?) for me these past two years. I knew I needed to have a space to write about all the things I was doing to make my life lighter… because that very act of writing was one of the things that made my life lighter! Go figure.

But in the midst of full-time parenting two preschool boys, I knew for that season, it was simply a place to write.

And then the boys started Kindergarten.


I love these little guys more than all the words I can come up with, but wowee, it’s nice to have a little spot of time all to myself when they are in school!

And since they started back in August, I’ve been brainstorming, pondering, praying, and journaling about what I wanted to do with my time.

Two weeks ago, the light came on.

I had just finished a zoom call with a group of women I’ve recently connected with who are all on their own missions to use their talents for good in the world. I was so inspired by what we had discussed that I grabbed my notebook and went out to my back patio to soak up some of the gorgeous autumn sunshine.

As I started to write down some of the thoughts and ideas that had come to me during the call… my brain suddenly lit up (really, that’s the best way I can describe it!)

A hundred different pieces of ideas and thoughts and comments and images that had been gathering in my brain for the last two years all suddenly came together in one bright image. And I knew what I was meant to do.

More light.

More “Making It Lighter”.

I’m ready to jump this up a whole new energy level.

Want to know what’s coming?

First, a new focus. While this blog has always been about how I make my life lighter in self, space, and time, I’ve never really addressed the “why” (which is funny, since that’s my favorite question!) My “why” has become so clear in the last few weeks. I lighten up my life, quite simply, because it brings me greater peace. And it has the added benefit of creating space in my life to use my gifts to serve God. You’ll hear a lot more about the “why” of making it lighter in the coming year. I genuinely want everyone who reads my blog to be able to make changes that will bring them greater peace… and space to use their own gifts.

Second, more blog posts! There’s so much still to write about! And I want to dive deeper into topics where I’ve only skimmed the top. I want to cover the range of how to lighten up self, space, and time. More light coming!

Third, a podcast! I’ve had this idea tickling my brain for a while and it’s time to start it up! I’ve been a voice on the Power of Moms podcast for the last eight months and it’s been so fun! And while you’ll still hear me over there, I’m cranking up the gears over here to get a Making It Lighter podcast up and running by early next year.

It’s time.

I’m ready for more light.

I hope you’ll come along as I make it… even a little more… lighter.


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