Mother’s Day: Rest and Play

I realized this year that all I really want for Mother’s Day are two things. And neither one comes from a store. 

Just a day doing the hardest job in the world…

Mother’s Day sort of seems like a two-edged sword for me. On one hand, it’s absolutely wonderful to celebrate the women in our lives who are doing the hardest job on the planet. There absolutely should be a day to celebrate that! 

On the other hand, I sometimes make it a stressful day. I stress out over finding gifts to celebrate the mothers in my life, and stress out over trying to make it a good celebration for myself. And at the bottom of it all, I wonder if I should even be celebrating myself, since I don’t feel like a particularly stellar mother. Yeah.

But as I type this, I am reminding myself for the two millionth time, that there are no perfect mothers. There are only women who are brave enough to take on the scary, overwhelming, mind-boggling, exhausting, exhilarating, joyful task of raising humans. And they just do the best they know how.

I don’t know about you… but when I signed up for this gig, I had no idea what I was in for.

Regardless. Our Creator keeps sending tiny humans to imperfect mothers and knows that we’ll learn as we go. And that is as it should be.

IMG_4605 (2)Time will tell how these four turn out with me as their mom! Haha!
(Photo by Alishia Ann Photography)

So celebrate, we shall!!

As I pondered this year’s celebration (and tried desperately not to completely overwhelm myself with thoughts of how to make it “perfect”) I realized that my idea of a good Mother’s Day really comes down to just two things:

Rest and Play.

That’s all I really want. A day to rest. And a day to play.

Last year I wrote about how the last five years, all I wanted for Mother’s Day was a day offYep. I wanted an actual “vacation” from my “job” for one whole day. No cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, fight arbitration… nada. And my family sweetly humors me. My amazing husband makes all the meals and is on 100% childcare for the whole day.

That is where I get my REST for Mother’s Day. This exhausted mama just wants a day to REST!

And maybe just a teeny bit more.

I’ve been very thoughtful about the importance of play in my life lately. I recently shared how I discovered my own play personality and how I’m trying to include play in my life more. As I thought about what I’d like to do for Mother’s Day, I thought maybe I could include something that truly felt like play for me.

Do I want to have a dance party? Do I want to explore somewhere new? Do I want to create something? Hmmm….

Stay tuned to see what I decide to do! But I really want to add some PLAY to my Mother’s Day. This mama just wants to get off the hamster wheel of housework for one day and PLAY!

Now, I already know there are two little hand-drawn something or others (that probably include transformers) from my boys. And that will be lovely. But I don’t need a whole lot of anything else. Sometimes flowers are nice (though my allergies have been fierce lately, so I may forgo that one this year!) Sometimes dark chocolate is nice, because, well, it’s dark chocolate. And I’ve already got our card journal sitting on my husband’s night stand so he can write me his message for Mother’s Day.

But really, all this imperfect, trying-to-do-the-best-she-can mama wants this year is a day to rest and play. Easy peasy.

What do you want to do for Mother’s Day?


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