Lighter Love Notes

While there is definitely something incredibly romantic about having a stack of cards and letters from your loved one all tied up in a ribbon… I wondered if there was a lighter way to keep these love notes.

Last year, as I stood in the greeting card isle of the store, amazed at how much the cost of cards was going up, I had an idea.

I love getting cards from my husband for Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Mother’s Day, etc. but honestly, once I read his sweet message, they got tucked in my nightstand drawer, never to be looked at again. And after 6 years of marriage, that pile is stacking up!

But I don’t want to throw the cards out! So what’s a girl to do??

Here’s where my idea came in.

What if I bought a pretty journal that he could write messages in on each of these special occasions?

In fact, I thought I’d go one step further and have us both write messages to each other on the various holidays and events that usually involve a greeting card.

I pitched the idea to my husband, who was on board. (OK, really, when I get ideas like this, he usually smiles and humors me, and let’s me race forward with my crazy plan!)

So I went to my favorite local bookstore and found this beautiful gem of a journal.

We used it for the first time this past Valentine’s Day. Instead of trying to find the time to go to the store, and scouring the card isle for an appropriate card, and spending $5… we each simply wrote a note to the other in our little journal and included the date.

It was wonderful!

My birthday is coming up and I can’t wait to read the message he’ll write for me.

I’m loving that it’s compact, can easily fit in my nightstand drawer, keeps all our messages in one place, and gives us a chance to re-read our messages to each other every time we pull it out.

In fact, I’m thinking of a few other ideas…

I’m wondering if I might want to do something like this for each of my boys. Rather than cards for their birthday and holidays, get a little journal for them. That way they’ll have years of messages in one little book when I send them off into the big wide world someday.

Another fun idea is one that my sister came up with a few years ago for Mother’s Day. A binder that your children (and husband) can add to each year. I think I may start this one this year too! And one for Father’s Day!

True, there will be no more piles of cards or stacks tied into a bow. But having those sweet messages all in one place is a light gift. And if you always buy a card for your husband with a funny dog on the front, by all means, draw him a funny dog on the page of the journal, or print one out and paste it in!

I’m excited about this new way to simplify and lighten up! And to write and re-read and smile and laugh about these messages for years to come.

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4 thoughts on “Lighter Love Notes

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! Thanks for sharing, I will start doing this now. Love your writings. I worked with Jon and Chris in Chattanooga, Tn. ( FYI )


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