Sunshine and Lake Water

A long weekend to the lake was just what I needed!

I saw a mug this weekend that said, “Sunshine and Lake Water” on it. I very nearly bought it. I’ll take a cuppa that any day.

And, it turns out, that the lake we spent the weekend at–Lake Tahoe–is actually 99.9% pure. So I could put it in my mug and drink it down. No, I didn’t. But I could have.

Ahh, Lake Tahoe! It really is as splendid as all the travel guides say it is. We spent four days on the west shore (our first time on that side) and found so many wonderful adventures!

We went biking. They have fantastic bike paths. And I met someone who has circumnavigated the lake via bike. Several times. We only went about 6 miles. But it was so much fun!

We went hiking. We kept driving by this awesome rock formation and found out you can hike to the top. Turns out it’s called Eagle Rock and it’s the remnants of an ages-old volcano. The hike takes you from lake level up 250 feet and you can get up and down in less than an hour. The views from the top are magnificent!

We went kayaking. And stand-up paddling. The wind was soft and the sun was shining. The boys had fun sitting in the kayak and riding on the front of the paddle board. The water is crystal clear! It’s stunning.

We went swimming! Crazy! Definitely. But that crystal clear water was just begging me to swim in it! I didn’t last long. It is SO cold. But I did swim a little.

And of course, we had cozy snuggles in our cabin, warm campfires, card games, telling stories, and just being together.

I saw a dish towel in one of the shops. It said, “Of all the paths you take in life, make some lead to the lake.”


Sunlight and lake water. Let me grab a mug.

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