Love Day

Here’s an idea… rather than just have a celebration for those with “Valentines”… how about a day where we just celebrate all of the people we love? You in?

Happy Love Day! I know, most of you know it as Valentine’s Day, but I have issues with the whole St. Valentine’s story, and besides, I don’t want to narrow a holiday to just people with a “significant other”. So I like to celebrate ALL the people I love.

And, holidays in my house are simple enough to keep things “light”! So, naturally, I have just a few things I do to celebrate the love.

Make a Banner

Usually, I’ll think through all of the people that I love and think about ways to show that love to them either on or around February 14th. This year, with the boys, we sat down and wrote on paper hearts all the names of people that we love. (You can see them pictured above on our lovely 1960s fireplace mantle.) Then we talked about how we could show love to each one of them.

Send Cards

As a follow up, we made and sent Valentine’s (Love Day) cards to several of the people on the hearts. Grandparents and Big Sister made the list this year. It’s fun to come up with and then follow through with little ideas to show love. Other ideas are making treats, performing service, or just giving good old fashioned hugs. If anyone is wondering how to show me some love, a little shoulder massage goes a long way!

Make Special Food

Then, on Love Day itself, we have fun (as usual) celebrating with food! I have a heart-shaped waffle maker that’s been churning out waffles for 22 years now. (Side note: it was given to me by a family with the last name of “Hart”. Cool, right?) And naturally, we have strawberries on top of our heart-shaped waffles for breakfast.

Lunch this year was pretty underwhelming, since I have two sick little boys and the one running a fever of 103 didn’t want anything but a half of a strawberry for lunch.

And while I’ve cooked all sorts of fun things for dinner in the past, this year I was perfectly happy with ordering take-out. As long as I didn’t have to cook! (p.s. My husband and I never go out on Valentine’s Day. We have date night on another day that week to avoid the crowds.)

And that’s it! Show a little love. Eat a little food. And call it good. I just like to keep the focus on the opportunity to do a little something extra for all the people in my life that I am blessed to love. Sounds like a great thing to celebrate!


p.s. Not to forget the #1 love of my life… Here’s a little shout-out to this guy. He was a Valentine worth waiting for. Talk about lighting up my life!

How do you celebrate Love Day?


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